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Sinclair QL computer (1984)


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Sinclair QL computer from 1984

Untested. Comes with power supply, user manual, no software.


Computer from Sinclair in the UK from 1984. It was a successor to the ZX Spectrum. Based on a 68000 processor at 7.5 MHz

So the same processor and same year the Apple Macintosh was introduced.

QL was short for Quantum Leap. The internal code name was ZX-83.

Storage was done on Sinclair Microdrives (small endless loop tape cartridges that stored 100 Kilobytes).

It came with office software featuring a wordprocessor Quill, spreadsheet Abacus and database software called Archive and paint software called Easel.

And it has a built-in BASIC interpreter called SuperBASIC.

It was not a big success and was discontinued in 1986.

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