I’ve opened a new shop for all geeks and nerdy collectors of toys, videogames, music and vintage tech!

In Waalre, south of Eindhoven in the Netherlands, I have created a new shop.

This shop is the new go-to place for all geeks and collectors to find vintage tech, vintage collectible toys, videogames and consoles, and music!

You can watch the construction videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel!



When will the shop open?

Wednesday 10-18h
Thursday 10-18h
Friday 10-20h
Saturday 10-17h.

Where is it exactly?

The shop is in Waalre, near Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands.

The address is:

Dorpsstraat 27, Waalre

What happened with the Geek Store in Eindhoven?

My shop-in-shop in the Eindhoven Geek Store, together with GameForce and The Happy Halfling, is also there: I have named it Erix Collectables CITY