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Erix Collectables is the go-to shop for geeks and nerdy collectors alike, to find a diverse range of collectable toys, video games, music, and vintage tech!

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Dorpsstraat 27 in Waalre

You can find us at: Dorpsstraat 27, Waalre

Address: Dorpsstraat 27, 5582 JW Waalre

Shop is open:
Wed 10.00-18.00h
Thu 10.00-18.00h
Fri 10.00-20.00h
Sat 10.00-17.00h

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Video games and game consoles, from the classic Pong and Atari 2600 to the iconic Vectrex, Sega, Nintendo NES, SNES, Wii/Wiiu, Playstation, GameCube, Nintendo Game & Watch, Game Boy, DS, and Atari Lynx, offering endless entertainment and nostalgia for gamers of all ages.

Music, with cherished vinyl records, music CD’s encompassing Rock, Rap, Pop, and Reggae genres. We also have Compact Cassettes, DCC, CD-interactive, and even Laserdiscs.

Explore a world of wonders through a selection of collectable toys! Immerse yourself in the legendary realms of Power Rangers, Transformers, GI Joe, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, or nostalgic Movie Memorabilia. Let your inner enthusiast run wild as you discover treasures from your childhood.

Lego (including Star Wars, Nexo Knights, Friends, IDEAS, Technic, Ninjago) and other construction toys such as fischertechnik, Philiform.

Check out our awesome selection of vintage technology, including home computers like the Apple II, Macintosh, MSX, Sinclair, Tandy TRS-80, Commodore 64/128, Amiga, Atari ST, Kaypro, Osborne, and other CP/M computers. We also have programmable calculators from Hewlett Packard and Texas Instruments. You can find most of them here.